What MBA Program Is Right for You?

You have decided to go back to school for your MBA, but did not expect it to be this complicated. Rather than just finding a good local institution and applying for admission, you find yourself weighing all of the different types of MBA programs and trying to determine where you best fit into this academic world. This might be more confusion than you signed up for, but it might be easier to sort out than you think at the moment. Let’s start off with a quick list of the most common MBA program forms that you will be asked to choose from:

Now, let’s break this list down so you can easily rule out many of the options. You will ideally be left with just mba. one or two options that fit your personal situation best. You can then find a local or online program offering that specific type of MBA program.

Executive MBA

You will know right away whether the Executive MBA program can be ruled out or chosen. You are either perfect for this type of program and nothing else is possible, or you are completely wrong for this type of program. For starters, you must have at least a couple years of working experience at the management level before even considering the Executive route. If you are not already an executive, then you are not going to make it into this type of program.

That will rule it out for many people right there. This type of program is very different from a standard MBA, because it is designed to work with less in-class time and more on-the-job education and work time. Oftentimes, executives are sent to these programs by their companies in an effort to prepare them for even higher levels of management in a short period of time.

Full time MBA

This is just a standard MBA program for those who can attend classes full time. This means you will have a heavy workload and will have more classes to attend each term. You will finish faster, but you will also spend a lot more time on your studies each week. You have to rule this option out if you cannot commit to a full time schedule of classes. Consider your work schedule, family life, and all other obligations, and then seriously consider how much time you will have to study and attend classes.

Part time MBA

These programs will take longer to finish, but they are more manageable if you have a heavy work schedule and/or time-consuming obligations outside of work. There are many types of part time MBA programs, with all options requiring different amounts of class and study time. You can even find some part time programs offered online.

Accelerated MBA

Take the full time MBA program and speed up the coursework so you finish in very little time. This is a complete educational program sped up into a year, or sometimes less. This is not a good idea for most people, since it is difficult to graduate retaining all of the necessary information and skill needed for a long career in management. Think twice and make sure you can keep up with this type of program.

Specialized MBA

There is some controversy about this MBA option today. Some believe these “designer” degrees allow you to show your interest and expertise in a particular industry, while others say they limit the jobs that you can get once you graduate. You essentially get your MBA with some additional coursework related to one particular industry. This could narrow your employment options, so think twice about it.

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